Wall Mounted IR Touch Display

- Feb 24, 2020-

Recent years, the monitor display market has come into new touch period, and people are not satisfied the small screen, but also the large size touch query need, especially in Commericial Display Area. One of the Most Popolar Touch Display for Adertising and Information Query is Wall Mounted Style. 

Hushida  Infared touch wall mounted monitor has 10 points multi-touch functions and excellent response speed, full HD quality screen color and with our self-designed cloud information release system and touch software is the best promotion and display helper!

Let's see  where the wall mounted infared touch screen suit for.

1. Financial institutions such as banks 

(business inquiries, service promotion in business halls...)


2. Government agencies 

(public information release, government affairs disclosure...)


3. Shopping Center and Fashion goods flagship store, specialty store, chain store

 (new product introduction...)


4. Company reception room or conference room 

(company introduction, exhibits display...)