What are the advantages of infrared touch screen in the touch one machine?

- Mar 16, 2018-


Many people are not unfamiliar with touch-sensitive machines. They are often seen in banking, finance, and other industries. In the touch-based market, infrared touch is the most common and best use.However, there are some customers who are curious about the infrared touch screens and the optical touch all-in-one machines. This article will analyze and compare the optical touch one machine and infrared touch one machine.

1.Optical Touch Screen

In principle, the optical touch technology is a new technology that is different from the existing infrared, surface acoustic wave, resistance, capacitance, and other touch technologies. The optical sensor responds quickly to detailed actions, making the application lighter, smoother, and more accurate.

But in fact, the optical screen camera on the market is too bad!The optical touch is to sense the touch point on the screen by two camera heads on the left and right to form a touch

The current optical screen camera is far from reaching its application requirements in principle.There is a blind area, a false point touch (inaccurate touch is a fake point),these are the status of optical touch.

It is difficult for the camera used in optics to meet the principle requirements, resulting in the screen on the market still staying three years ago. There is no advanced technology to improve it.Almost no manufacturer is producing

In a word, the principle of optical touch is very powerful, but technology can't do it!Market technology is not yet mature

2.Infrared touch screen

Infrared touch principle is to emit XY lines through infrared light tubes, the touch point is the sense coordinates

The advantages of infrared touch: (also the application status on the market)

High degree of stability will not cause drift due to changes in time and environment.Irrespective of current, voltage and classical interference, suitable for harsh environmental conditions (dust and explosion proof)

Long life, high durability, no scratches, long touch life

Good use characteristics, no need for touch, no special requirements for touch body

With the maturation of infrared touch technology, its application in the market is becoming more and more extensive, and the high adaptability to the environment makes the infrared touch screen more and more popular!