What are the functions of the touch screen software of the touch inquiry system on the self-service inquiry kiosk?

- Dec 07, 2020-

What functions does the kiosk generally support? The self-service inquiry machine is a self-human-computer interaction device that integrates multimedia technology, touch technology, Internet technology, and audio amplifier. The operation is simple, flexible, and powerful. It is mainly used for self-service business in some specific occasions. It is often used in banks, hospitals, government centers, office halls, power fields, scenic spots, libraries, hotels, etc. So, do you all know what functions the self-service query kiosk has? Today, the editor of China's touch screen network will popularize it for everyone. What are the functional modules of the touch self-service inquiry machine and what functions can it achieve?


1. Online touch query

Touch the self-service inquiry machine, the most basic function is naturally the inquiry function. The nature is similar to that of a mobile phone. All operations are completed by touching the screen. This is why the self-service inquiry machine is popular. It is very convenient. The required information has a simple interface, with pictures, text, and sounds, just follow the instructions on the screen, and you can operate it without knowing a computer.

2. Face recognition and reading personal information

The self-service query machine supports card readers and face recognition camera modules. Users can use second-generation ID cards or face recognition to complete personal business transactions after reading the information, such as hospital registration, government service halls, etc. .

3, printing function

Now for business, many need to print the relevant credentials, information, self-service touch query all-in-one machine, with printing function, get the information content on the terminal, choose to print, you can self-print. For example, when registering at a hospital or a bank, you can print a small receipt. At a bank, you can also provide a bank card to query consumption details, print running bills, etc. It is very convenient, saves us time and improves efficiency.

4, graphic and video advertising playback

When the self-service inquiry kiosk is idle, it can play some current news hotspots, policy information, and can also play commercial advertisements, support audio and video, pictures, text, documents, weather, etc., to achieve advertising revenue.

The above is an introduction to the basic functions of the touch inquiry kiosk. If you need to know more information and equipment introduction about the self inquiry kiosk, you can go to the Chinese touch screen website. It is a commercial display equipment system supplier with a complete range and quality assurance.