What is an OLED panel with quantum dot technology

- Nov 30, 2020-

The OLED panel with quantum dot technology is a technology that combines OLED display with quantum dots, referred to as QD-OLED. Its essence is still OLED technology, but due to the use of quantum dot technology in the luminescent material, its color effect is even stronger than that of OLED in the true sense, and it will avoid the burn-in problem, which can be regarded as a kind of Enhanced version of OLED technology.

     In fact, the upgrade of QLED (LED with quantum dot technology) is more perfect. Not only can it provide better color performance than LED, it does not have the "burn-in" phenomenon of OLED, but it is obviously inferior to OLED in terms of viewing angle. Therefore, the strengths and weaknesses of displays of different materials are not too the same.

     Currently, LCD TVs on the market mainly use three display panels: QLED (LED with quantum dot technology), OLED and LED. Both OLED and QLED panels are derivative technologies of LED panels, but they also have their own shortcomings. For example, the burn-in phenomenon of OLED and the low viewing angle and contrast of QLED make it impossible to be the next-generation large-scale top panel. use. Actively researching for Samsung in panel technology, starting to replace OLED and QLED quantum dot OLED panel technology.

The so-called QLED liquid crystal display is a new type of liquid crystal display in which a quantum dot film is inserted between the blue LED backlight and the liquid crystal panel. The quantum dot film will produce sharp blue-green-red true color white light when excited by the blue LED. Quantum dots (QDs) are actually a kind of nanocrystals that are invisible to the naked eye. When stimulated by electricity or light, quantum dots will emit a variety of high-quality pure monochromatic colors according to the diameter of the quantum dots. Light. Quantum dot display technology has been fully upgraded in various dimensions such as color gamut coverage, color control accuracy, red, green and blue color purity, and is regarded as the commanding height of global display technology, and is also regarded as a display technology revolution affecting the world.

Quantum dot technology is also the panel technology used by many flagship TV products. It itself is more like a particle that emits light and changes colors. It has a nanometer size. When current passes through the quantum dot, it will stimulate it to emit colored light, the color of the light. Determined by the material, size and shape of the quantum dots, generally larger particles will absorb long waves, while smaller particles will absorb short waves. Quantum dots with a size of 8 nanometers can absorb long-wave red and show blue, and quantum dots with a size of 2 nanometers can absorb short-wave blue and show red.

     When the quantum dot technology is combined with OLED, it can achieve almost perfect display effect, excellent contrast, color accuracy and a wide range of viewing angles. The most important thing is that it solves the burn-in problem of OLED panels, making The life of the panel is greatly extended.