Which industries are suitable for LCD advertising machine

- Apr 03, 2018-

1.Retail chain industry  

With the use of an LCD advertising player, users can immediately release the latest shopping guides, products, promotions and other content information.The rich display function and bright colors of the LCD advertising machine can effectively enhance the shopping experience of consumers, at the same time, it also helps users simplify the information release process, and ultimately enhance the sales performance of users in the retail industry.

2.Transportation Industry

With the online LCD advertising player, users can update and publish traffic information such as the latest schedules.Users can also create additional presentation features, such as scrolling entertainment clips, or playing news programs such as sports and entertainment, waiting for travelers to enjoy the entertainment while waiting time.

3.Medical industry  

With the help of the network LCD advertising machine, medical institutions can play medicine, registration, hospitalization and other related information.In addition, LCD advertising system solutions can be used to enable doctors and patients to interact, provide map orientation, entertainment information and other content services, not only can simplify the visit process, but also help ease the anxiety of patients.


With the help of the network LCD advertising machine, safety education videos, teaching buildings, canteens, dormitories, sports activities and other places can be played in various important areas of the school to strengthen safety education and enhance safety awareness.In addition, it is also possible to play music videos/news and important notices on campus through the network panel LCD advertising machine. LCD advertising machine manufacturers, especially in universities, have widespread use of online LCD advertising machines and become new media on campus. Many businesses use the Internet for student groups LCD advertising machine for advertising.