Why does the theater use LCD advertising player?

- Mar 13, 2018-


With the continuous advancement of social informationization, the digital dissemination of public information has become an irreversible trend,Currently, LCD advertising players are widely used in movie theaters, telecommunication operators' offices, financial business offices, public transportation subways, building communities, supermarket chains, hotels, etc.

Let's talk about the floor-standing advertising machine applied in the movie theater first.in the past we went to the cinema,found that the posters of the movie theaters were affiliated with the latest or upcoming movie posters. Even before we could enter the movie theater, we could see various posters.

Now,when you go to a movie theater,this kind of poster has reduced a lot.Some movie theaters do not even post posters in the entrance hall. Usually there will be a LED digital signage to play the trailer of the newly released movie, and LCD advertisements will be deployed in all directions of the hall.The advertising machine will generally display on a split-screen basis: play the trailer of the movie, and may use the subtitles to scroll through its repertoire, movie duration, fare, release date, and the like.

Why did the theater use an LCD advertising player?Or what kind of convenience can LCD advertising players bring to them?First of all, using LCD advertising machines, designers can design posters and publish them in one click, without intermediate proofing, printing, posting and other links. They can also be deleted with one click when replacing, eliminating the need to waste excessive manpower to replace the next batch posters, full paperless, more environmentally friendly, and more efficient.

Second, more movie propaganda information can be displayed within the unit area. The area occupied by a poster is fixed. During the period of propaganda and publicity, it cannot cover other information, but the LCD advertising machine can circularly broadcast the propaganda information of the movie.Show more information, information is more abundant can be video, pictures, text, etc., relative to text and pictures can arouse the attention of the audience, the effect of publicity will be better.

If the installed LCD advertising player with touch function, the customer can select the desired information according to his own needs; of course, adding a movie QR code can also enhance the interaction with the customer.This is also the reason why cinemas started deploying LCD advertising players.