Interactive Smart Digital Whiteboard Classroom

Product Name 82" Interactive Whiteboard Technology Infrared Input writing by Pen, finger, or any opaque objects Multi touch 20 touch Resolution 32768×32768pixels
Response time <6ms
Cursor speed 200''/ms
Accuracy 0.05mm
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Product Details

Interactive infrared whiteboard for school teaching electric whiteboard for school

Surface is Aluminum NANO coating technology /Ceramic hard, strong anti-resistance to light, work directly under sunlight, finger/pen/pointer/any opaque object can write on it.

Aluminum honeycomb core as basic panel 

Black/Gray/natural color aluminum frame with anti-scratch,noble and beautiful appearance and design

Max 4 users writing, 20 points touching.

Multi-touch, Intelligent gesture recoginition, start software by palm, turn page by hand-waving, moving and writing on whiteboard by finger, fist work as eraser, zoom in/out picture by finger.

USB supply power directly, software and firmware update by USB free forever.

Corner is ABS+PC plastic made, hard and strong, wearable.

Infared filter with high quality anti-interference powder made, waterproof and anti-interference.

PCB board is LED tubes made 

Left-right 2*25 hotkeys


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