55 65 75 86 Inch Smart Boards For Business

55 65 75 86 Inch Smart Boards For Business

55 65 75 86 inch smart boards for business
20 points Touch Screen
4K HD with vivid color,3840×2160(FHD)
Special Designed Two Magnetic Pen attached on the Monitor for Convenient Writing
Front port + button: TOUCH*1, HDMI*1, PC USB*1, TV USB*1
Brigntness:400cd/m², Contrast 1200:1
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Product Details

55 65 75 86 inch smart boards for business

Product Features:

1,From 55 inches to 100 inches, suitable for different space needs

2,Different chips can be selected, i3, i5, and I7 can be selected according to the performance requirements

3,Dual system control of conference tablet all-in-one: The smart conference tablet all-in-one has built-in Windows and Android dual systems, which can be switched freely with just one key, and it can easily cope with various meeting environments.

4,The conference tablet all-in-one has precise touch control and free handwriting: a free and smooth writing experience, supports gesture erasing, zooming in and out, and dragging.

5,Multi-person interaction on the same screen adopts wireless transmission technology, and users do not need to project through a data line to achieve wireless projection. Compatible with all devices, whether it is a smart phone, a tablet computer, or a traditional notebook computer, the content can be transferred to the conference all-in-one machine; and the two-way operation between the PC and the conference all-in-one can be realized. Supports multi-person interaction on the same screen, such as mobile phones and tablets, multiple mobile devices can be connected to the same network to achieve two-way interaction on the same screen.

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