2018 Guangzhou International Signs &LED Exhibition

- Mar 06, 2018-


     Much attention of the industry in Guangzhou in 2018 Advertising International Advertising logo and LED exhibition and Guangzhou International Exhibition and Application of large-screen display technology (hereinafter referred to as ISLE) as of about, March 3 in Guangzhou Canton Fair Area B kicked off , A total of 4 days exhibition time, March 3 -6 days.

As the first exhibition of LED display industry after Chinese spring festival, LED exhibition in Guangzhou is undoubtedly the focus of the entire LED display industry.Larger than the previous exhibition area, exhibition more professional distribution, exhibits a broader and larger scale.The first day of the exhibition has exceeded 72,000 visitors flow of people, once again refresh the first day of the exhibition record.

In addition, the Organizing Committee specially opened a forum area of 440 square meters in the 12.2 hall. At the opening of the forum, the "New Technology & New Products & New Trends" Forum was held under the "Big Screen Display Results List", a well-known industry research and resource integration agency in the industry.The first day is the hot area of the pavilion, colorful, full of friends.During the exhibition will be held around the clock to share speeches, the latest product technology, the most forward-looking market trends, the most pragmatic solution at booth A40 in Hall 12.2 waiting for you.

In the meantime, 2018 LED Exhibition in Guangzhou is the first to launch the exhibition "Focus" and distribute it to audiences free of charge (please pick up at Exhibition Information Center or booth A40 in Hall 12.2). The "Focus" special edition is jointly organized by ISLE and Performance Board.Share more industry information, covering the LED display and display applications related to industry command and control, smart city, outdoor media and many other aspects.