Advantages Of Digital Signage

- Jul 04, 2019-

Advantages Of Digital Signage

  1. Centralized control and centralized management:

Through wide area network remote control, no need to manually change card, card, to achieve different places, different audiences, different time period can play different advertising information content. Software upgrades can be remotely operated without manual presence.

  2. Real-time release:

Immediate release of urgent information, emergencies, media files, the realization of the bank's foreign exchange, fund interest rates, policies and regulations, promotional activities, weather forecasts, clocks, such as the simultaneous release of real-time information.

  3. Stability:

Efficient and stable embedded design, Plug and Play, no virus infection.

  4. Screen display:

Simultaneously plays the audio and video, the picture, the letter and so on the various information combination, realizes is the video, the picture, the caption free adjustment in the position, solves the advertisement only to reduce the concern degree or the entertainment program does not have the advertisement value contradiction.

  5. Information security:

The use of special price technology, can control all non-audited program playback, effectively ensure the safety of outdoor media communication.