Advertising Machine Is Called The Third Largest Media

- Feb 27, 2020-

Advertising machine is called "the third largest media"

Reported by HUSHIDA

With the rapid development of society, the popularity of advertising machines, the widespread application of LCD flat-panel devices and the rapid development of network streaming media. At first, the advertising machine was composed of a display screen and a DVD player or a PC. After the introduction of network technology and the rapid development of modern society, people have become increasingly demanding of advertising machines. After years of reforms and updates, dedicated network media The player completely replaces the traditional pure DVD or PC player, with richer functions and more diversified and diversified applications. It meets people's needs, so it is ranked side by side with paper media, radio, television, and the Internet. It is called the "fifth media". It has information at a specific time, a specific place, and a specific group of people. The role of publishing.

Now the advertising machine multimedia information release encompasses the diversity and vividness of multimedia video information, and realizes remote control of information distribution and centralized management of information, and the content is updated to the advertising machine at any time, so that the masses can receive the latest various programs at the first time . Greatly increased the public's attention to advertising placed by the advertising machine. Not only can it provide timely, comprehensive, high-quality, efficient information services, but also an inevitable trend in modern business.

At present, according to the business needs of customers, the terminal server of the advertising machine adopts a centralized control and unified management method to combine pictures, slides, animations, audio, video, and rolling captions into various multimedia programs, which are transmitted to digital through the network. Media control server. The digital media control server then publishes the produced programs to the advertising machine for orderly playback and control management. It can insert all kinds of real-time information such as news, pictures, emergency notifications, etc., and deliver the latest information to the masses at the first time.

Human-computer interaction and good scalability; powerful advertising machine, simple operation, easy installation and easy maintenance. Advertising machine program editing, program transmission and release, business interactive query, information guidance, and centralized control and management. At the same time, the terminal of the advertising machine can be connected with the bank inquiry system in real-time exchange rate quotes. Perfect combination of stock information, real-time financial data, touch query, queuing, OA office, attendance, corporate training, real-time database, etc.