HUSHIDA Office All-in-one Pc Desktop: Excellent Performance Office Gaming Pc

- Sep 29, 2020-

HUSHIDA office all-in-one pc desktop:  excellent performance office gaming pc

In today's era of light office and mobile office, all-in-one computers are becoming more and more popular among industry users, and their market share is also increasing rapidly. All-in-one computers not only provide performance comparable to desktop computers, but also save more office space due to their thinner and lighter size. The integrated and concise design eliminates the clutter caused by too many cables, thereby improving the office environment and enhancing the work spirit of employees. Due to the simple disassembly and assembly design of the all-in-one computer, users can easily maintain the whole machine daily.

For users who want to reduce power consumption and save space, what they need most is an all-in-one computer that can meet daily performance requirements and can effectively improve office efficiency. As a leading brand in the domestic all-in-one machine industry, Hushida has continuously launched a full range of office products for users over the years.

HUSHIDA all-in-one computer breaks through the huge and bulky shape of traditional desktop computers and is full of modern office simplicity and fashion. The front of the fuselage adopts a 23.8-inch full HD 178 ° wide viewing angle IPS display with a screen-to-body ratio of up to 90%, no matter what The angle can truly restore the color, and the screen display is lifelike, giving users a pleasing experience. The screen of Interview all-in-one machine can be rotated freely between 0 and 90°, and it can also be stretched up and down. Players can adjust the angle of the screen more consciously.

As a business office computer,HUSHIDA  all-in-one has a complete interface, with a USB interface, an audio input and output, DP interface, network interface, HDMl interface and power plug-in port. Comes with WIFI, supports 802.11ac WiFi protocol, realizes fast and long-distance interconnection with other devices, saves working time, improves work efficiency, and saves one hour of overtime every day. HUSHIDA all-in-one machine with USB interface, stereo sound, enjoy audio-visual feast.

HUSHIDA all-in-one pc uses Intel's 9th generation CPU and adds a large-capacity solid state drive, which is more than enough to meet the needs of business office, image processing or audio-visual entertainment. It can also run popular online games like "League of Legends" and "Jedi Strikes Back". Responding, the excellent performance office games are both correct. The Mushida office all-in-one machine also has a strong heat dissipation capacity, a large area of heat dissipation hole design, rapid cooling, and excellent heat dissipation effect. Users do not need to worry about heat dissipation.

HUSHIDA office all-in-one pc i7 is a multi-purpose all-in-one machine that can easily meet the needs of office, game, home, design and other scenarios. The products have passed CE certification, and have energy-saving, green environmental protection, powerful performance, excellent heat dissipation, The advantages of super quietness are undoubtedly a good choice for home users, office users and even game users. Those who want to buy an all-in-one machine recently may consider it.