Application Of Interactive Electronic Whiteboard In Teaching

- Dec 13, 2017-

With the further reform of the teaching, the electronic whiteboard products have been paid much attention in the education market, especially the interactive whiteboard products, and the market demand is increasing continuously. Interactive electronic whiteboard In the classroom teaching, has become the global multimedia development trend of teaching activities, interactive electronic whiteboard to play the best teaching effect.

Interactive electronic whiteboard with a short focus on the composition of the multimedia teaching system, in conjunction with interactive electronic whiteboard is more convenient, because of the projector's super short focal length function, projector installation closer to the Whiteboard, users themselves will not block the projection light path, so that the demonstration more complete, more smooth communication.

Interactive whiteboard can communicate with the computer, connect the electronic whiteboard to the computer, and use the projector to project the contents of the computer onto the Whiteboard screen, and with the support of specialized applications, you can construct a large screen, interactive collaborative meeting or teaching environment. You can work directly on the Whiteboard, edit files, annotate, save, and so on the computer can be implemented on any operation.

Interactive whiteboard teaching platform (mainly including computer, projector, interactive whiteboard), contrast blackboard and audio-visual platform two teaching methods, take its essence (Blackboard Interactive and audio-visual enrichment), to its dross (blackboard monotony and audio-visual one-way), It solves the problems and deficiencies in the past teaching mode, realizes the "interaction between teaching and learning" and realizes the teaching mode of high quality and efficiency.

The interactive whiteboard features and transcends all functions of the blackboard, including writing, drawing, and annotating, and can use or edit a variety of electronic courseware.