BOE Expects Mass Production And Shipment Of MiniLED Backlight Products In The Fourth Quarter Of 2020

- Dec 07, 2020-

BOE stated that the company already has technology reserves for mass production of glass-based MiniLED backlights, and product types can cover traditional markets from mobile phones to TVs, as well as new application markets such as wearables, vehicles, and electronic signs. BOE MiniLED products have related production capacity layouts in Hefei and Beijing. Xingyu Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Hefei in 2019 to focus on the research and development and production of MiniLED technology, master the industry-leading transfer process, and have exclusive advantages in technology.

BOE expects mass production and shipment of MiniLED backlight products in the fourth quarter of 2020. In the MiniLED display field, the company has also completed the development of glass-based super-large splicing technology and displayed it to the public. During CES2020, BOE showcased 75-inch 8K Mini LED backlight display products and 1.6mm pixel pitch MiniLED glass-based splicing display products. At the International Display Technology and Application Innovation Exhibition (DIC EXPO 2020), BOE showcased 27-inch and 15.6-inch MiniLED products.

Regarding technology, BOE said that in the backplane link, the company uses the world's leading semiconductor display technology to independently research and develop glass-based MiniLED driver backplanes; in the transfer process, the company previously established a joint venture BOE Pixey with Rohinni to jointly conduct MiniLED/Micro The technology development and production of the LED transfer link, the technology can reach a transfer speed of 50 per second, and the efficiency and precision are both in the lead in the industry.

In addition, BOE stated that it is currently doing Micro LED-related technology layout and product research and development, and will launch related products in a timely manner based on market demand in the future.