Characteristics Of Digital Signage

- Jul 03, 2019-

Characteristics Of Digital Signage

  1. Fool of the program editing interface, operators do not need special training, can be used to publish the software editor anytime and anywhere to publish a variety of text, icons, animations, video, audio information and other digital information into a "digital signage", published in the form of advertising.

   2. Easy maintenance. System AutoPlay, no need for management operations, even if the terminal player unexpectedly power off, when the power after the system will automatically replay, no human operation.

   3. Powerful multi-level integrated function, supporting the composite video, component video, HDTV high-definition video and other mainstream formats, to achieve any open windows, transparent overlay, special effects flip, scrolling text and other ways of mixing display.

   4. Use a variety of media performance (video, audio, picture, animation), called the narrow-broadcast system.

   5. A dynamic advertisement that allows for ever-changing changes in content.

   6. Similar to television advertising and advertising on the web, but it has strong pertinence, flexible form, content on demand. Therefore, it can borrow the existing various production tools (such as: Web page production, VCD making, flash production, etc.) mixed use.

   7. It is a new technology that integrates network technology, multimedia broadcast technology and software component development and integration technology, which is a kind of user-oriented technique, which means that users can easily learn to make various kinds of signs.