Charging Pile Advertising Machine And Smart Retail Are Expected To Usher In Rapid Development

- Nov 30, 2020-

Charging pile advertising machine and smart retail are expected to usher in rapid development

This year's epidemic has brought a considerable impact to the advertising machine market. The demand side has decreased, and the subsequent problems such as the delay of the project promotion plan in the first half of the year have compressed advertising machine profit margins and made market competition more intense. Risks often contain opportunities. The epidemic also brings business opportunities to LED advertising machines: areas such as smart charging pile advertising machines and smart retail are developing rapidly.

     Public new energy charging piles are an important part of the country's new infrastructure construction. With the development of "new infrastructure" and the increasing demand for new energy vehicles, charging pile advertising players will usher in a new round of development boom. According to the existing survey data, the charging pile advertising player will usher in nearly 55,000 new demand in the next 4 years. As one of the natural carriers of smart city, LED advertising machine is widely used in various scenes of the city, so it can be seen everywhere, and its market demand is also soaring. The LED advertising machine combines big data, content matching, automatic brightness perception, intelligent control and other innovative functions. It not only provides great convenience for the comprehensive application of the Internet of Things technology in the construction of smart cities, but also performs in urban management, energy saving and emission reduction. Excellent, and with the emergence of new technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, and artificial intelligence, LED advertising players will open a new era of smart revolution.

New retail is setting off a new wave of business, which will promote advertising machines to become the next "scale" gold mine in the commercial display market. Relevant data shows that the advertising machine market is expected to reach 4.4 million units in 2023. With the integration of unmanned supermarkets, unmanned convenience stores and online and offline retail markets, the demand for smart commercial displays will further increase. In the new retail scene, LED advertising machines can improve the consumer experience. With the help of smart advertising machines, information such as shopping guides, products, activities and promotions can be released instantly. The rich display functions and bright colors can effectively enhance the shopping experience of consumers. Collect and label the interactive information of concerned users, use big data technology to analyze the information, and improve the efficiency of production, logistics, sales and after-sales service in the retail industry. At present, LED advertising machines based on big data and artificial intelligence equipped with touch technology, voice recognition, face recognition, dynamic capture, etc. have been used in various new retail scenarios. As giants scramble to deploy new retail, LED advertising players will develop more rapidly in the future.