Circle K Takes Aim At Better Customer Experience With Digital Signage

- Aug 14, 2019-

Circle K takes aim at better customer experience with digital signage

Reported by Digital Signage Today


Gas stations aren't always known for having the best customer experiences. Most are fairly small establishments that serve a very distracted audience of locals, commuters and travelers. However, technological changes such as electric cars will encourage customers to spend more time in the store as their cars charge. Circle K is aiming to improve the customer experience to prepare for this change.

"We strongly believe that the physical store will continue to play a central role in the future, but gas stations as we know it needs to change," Niklas Lindholm, senior manager category, concept and convenience, Circle K Sweden said in an interview. "By working omnichannel on a regular basis, and by understanding the benefits and opportunities digitalization gives us, we have all data necessary to succeed in tomorrow's landscape."

Circle K has more than 16,000 stores worldwide, which includes more than 2,100 licensed stores in 14 countries and territories. The gas station is aiming to become "the world's preferred destination for convenience and fuel," Lindholm said.

To meet this goal, Circle K Sweden partnered , a Swedish digital signage provider, to deploy digital signage solutions such as:

Digital menu boards.

Car wash displays.

Coffee displays.

The Signage Player to allow Circle K to change out content on the fly on the menu boards and other displays. The digital signage provider's Design Studio has performed tests which found customers typically perceive food on menu boards to be healthier and fresher. Customers also had a lower wait time, according to a statement

Managers of the displays can change the digital menu board content across all boards based on several criteria such as:

Time of day.

Daily specials.


"With digital signage solutions Circle K enable a seamless customer experience and ties together the digital and physical meeting," Lindholm said.

The car wash displays have also helped boost sales for Circle K.

"The car wash screen has shown a direct effect on sales. We are working with a combination of price, offers and car craving-film on the screen to maximize the effect," Lindholm said.