Face Recognition And Interactive Experience Of Touch All-in-one Makes People Feel Better

- Feb 18, 2020-

Face recognition and interactive experience of touch all-in-one makes people feel better

Reported by HUSHIDA

The emergence of the network touch all-in-one machine makes the entire playback screen clearer, and can add business logos, pictures, videos, and custom titles, such as weather, news, information, etc .; this caters to business brand promotion and information The demand for communication is a big improvement for traditional media!

With it, the application of touch system and human sensing system has entered a new peak! More and more customers require that the user experience can be achieved, that is, interactive operations such as ordering / check-in can be achieved, so that products and consumers Communicate online.

With the increasing number of touch all-in-one applications, what factors will customers consider when choosing digital signage? The first is price. This should be the core issue that all customers will consider at the first time. Only the price is the same. If the industry has advantages, it can ensure that the company is competitive in the same industry. Secondly, quality. Today, the transparency of the electronic market brings the transparency of the prices. Quality has become the most basic core of the survival of the enterprise. life. The last core point is service. Now any enterprise is based on service and solves customers' problems in an all-round and integrated manner. Knowing the concerns of customers, companies can carry out digital signage manufacturing and marketing according to customer tastes.

In addition to pondering the psychology of customers to increase the sales of touch all-in-ones, the quality characteristics of touch all-in-ones are also factors that determine customers' evaluation of touch all-in-ones. Among the new touch all-in-one products coming to Hualiweiye Touch this year, the following technology applications have greatly improved the customer's feeling of familiarity with signage.

1.Face recognition and anonymous video analysis

Face recognition has been widely used in various touch all-in-ones. NEC's large display booth saw that they are about to put into commercial touch all-in-ones that support face recognition. By automatically identifying the age and gender of consumers standing in front of the touch all-in-one, different ads are played. Some cities are talking about subway projects, and customers are very interested. Through this identification and targeted advertising, advertisers can get advertising traffic statistics.

2.Interactive Fashion Experience Store

The interactive touch all-in-one fashion experience store is an innovative concept for shopping in stores. Consumers can intuitively choose the products they want from thousands of products, use virtual technology to share shopping experiences with friends, or buy directly. It allows consumers to operate in real time and supports multi-touch capabilities.

3.Open touch all-in-one standard pushes forward

High fragmentation is an important feature of the touchmonitor market and lacks industry standards. "A major challenge in the touchmonitor industry is the lack of industry standards." He Simai pointed out, "We need to do more work on standardization, including hardware, software, content creation, content delivery, advertising, and search on the touchmonitor network. And so on, we have to do better in terms of standards. "

The rapid development of touch all-in-ones has further expanded the scope of applications. One is the impact of growing social needs, and the other is the result of technological innovation and improvement of touch all-in-one products that meet the needs of customers. In addition to general factors such as price, quality and service, when customers choose a touch all-in-one, the experience of the touch all-in-one is also an important consideration, because these humanized technology applications make the touch all-in-one more popular.

According to the prediction of relevant agencies, by the end of 2018, the transaction value of outdoor digital advertising has increased from 2.5 billion US dollars to 4.6 billion US dollars. The hot market of touch all-in-ones has benefited from the continuous innovation and application of touch all-in-ones.