Good News | Mutual Vision Thermal Imaging Products Passed The Quality Inspection Of The National Product Safety Supervision And Inspection Center

- Jun 04, 2020-

Good News | Mutual Vision Thermal Imaging Products Passed the Quality Inspection of the National Product Safety Supervision and Inspection Center


At the beginning of the outbreak, under the leadership of founder Li Guilai, Mutual Vision quickly established a face recognition temperature measurement terminal R&D group. Successful, the first time applied to the field of epidemic prevention and control.

AI800 Face Gate Temperature and Temperature Integrated Machine (8 inches)

face recognition

The deployment is flexible, with thermal imaging temperature measurement capability, efficient and accurate, while supporting face attendance, face time recording, current body temperature records stored in the cloud in real time, can be downloaded with one click, to help managers achieve data traceability. With access interface, it can be connected with gates and electric control gates.

AI1000 Face Attendance and Temperature Measuring Machine (10.1 inches)

10.1 inch face recognition temperature detecor

Infrared temperature measurement method is adopted, which is displayed by optical system, photoelectric detector, signal amplifier and signal processor. It is mostly used for indoor use.

10-point capacitive touch. It can be connected with electromagnetic door and witness verification system.

AI3000 high-throughput temperature measurement security door

Temperature door

Thermal imaging temperature measurement door is to detect human body temperature through non-contact thermal imaging method, which can find, determine whether there is abnormal body temperature in personnel simply, safely, intuitively and accurately. , Remind the on-site staff for further disposal.

AI5000 large flux AI dual photothermography temperature measurement system

high flux temperature device

Face recognition thermal imaging, mobile thermal imaging and other methods to achieve non-contact rapid body temperature detection and management platform, single-channel face recognition speed up to 30 faces/sec, suitable for crowded places such as train stations and airports, At the same time, it supports open docking with attendance, access control and personnel systems.

Mutual-vision thermal imaging witness identification intelligent time and attendance terminal has passed appearance inspection, temperature measurement alarm function inspection, warning temperature adjustable function inspection, temperature display range test, temperature measurement error test, temperature measurement module angle adjustment test, face recognition Check and many other tests. The high standard of testing and inspection indicates that the quality of the intelligent time and attendance terminal for mutual identification of Darfur imaging witness identification has a higher guarantee.