How Do HUSHIDA Smart Conference Tablets Share Ideas?

- May 08, 2019-


    Whiteboard used to be the standard of all conference rooms, but the emergence of smart conference tablets may completely change the traditional whiteboard, because most users who used the smart conference tablets will fall in love with the experience  and never go back.

    HUSHIDA has changed the situation that conference rooms were restricted by wiring, space, compatibility and storage. At the same time, in order to share the meeting needs that ordinary whiteboards can not meet, such as convenience, meeting synergy, creative visualization, etc.,With an unprecedented way to share ideas.HUAHIDA smart conference tablets came out.

Imagine a tool like this.——

In front of us is a virtual world accessible to the touch, through the left and right sliding screen, we can get all kinds of industry information; pick up the electronic pen to write carefully, the key content is clear at a glance, without too much oral description; carry out brainstorming sessions, inspiration will jump to the board.

All of this comes from the 4K HUSHIDA smart conference tablets .

In terms of specific functions, HUSHIDA smart conference tablets  includes many functions, such as writing, annotation, recording, wireless printing, wireless projection, audio and video conference, multi-screen co-display, etc.If you don't bring your computer, you can hold a good meeting without taking minutes.If you don't record the meeting, you will have no worries. You can get the meeting information by mobile phone, and change the meeting mode . 


    To facilitate the use of multiple scenarios, HUSHIDA smart conference tablets is also intimately equipped with dual audio, dual-frequency WiFi and many interfaces. When the conference panel is in the state of networking, dual-frequency WiFi can realize the projection device to use the conference panel hot spot projection screen, while using the hot spot to access information online.


    In the era of "efficiency is king",sharing with logical diagrams is better than describing a concept in abstract words.. HUSHIDA is continuously improving for the needs of users, in order to improve the relevance and interaction of people, environment and tools ,makes users more efficient.This is a small step for HUSHIDA , and also a big step for enterprise information upgrade.