How To Choose A Wonderful Smart Whiteboard

- Feb 11, 2020-

How  to choose a wonderful smart whiteboard

Reported By HUSHIDA

With the official commercialization of 5G, digital technology is ushering in a new ecosystem of AI. As one of the most widely used "black technology" categories, conference tablets have gradually been understood by more and more people in recent years due to their superior features such as human-computer interaction and touch. Devices, electronic whiteboards and other traditional equipment.
However, in view of the current mixed market of conference tablet, the good and bad are mixed, so consumers have doubts about buying: how to buy a good conference tablet?

   1. Look efficient

    Once upon a time, when corporate HR saw cluttered conference rooms, there would be nowhere to start. The small conference rooms were filled with projectors, audio, and their wires. They also needed to wire microphones, computers, and other equipment. Waste a lot of time in vain.

   The conference tablet inherits the functions of a variety of conference equipment, which can meet a variety of conference needs, greatly reducing the number of conference equipment and making the conference room more concise. Take BOC ’s conference tablet as an example. It integrates functions such as projector, electronic whiteboard, advertising machine, smart TV, computer, audio, etc., which can significantly improve conference efficiency. With a mobile stand, you can build a conference room anytime, anywhere. Specific spaces make corporate meetings easier. With it, meetings are simpler, more convenient, and more efficient, and conference rooms have become taller.

    In addition, in the remote conference mode, the screen is shared in real time in different places, the whiteboard function supports two-way graffiti operation, and multiple parties discuss real-time interaction. It is as vivid as living in the same room, farewell to business trips in other places, saving time and worry.

2. Watch HD

HUSHI smart conference tablet adopts 4K high-definition large screen, and the surface of the screen is Mohs 7 explosion-proof anti-glare tempered glass, which can adapt to complex light environment, and can clearly display the screen content in bright light environment; 178-degree wide-angle design, no matter where You can see clearly in the corners. In addition, it supports Windows and Android dual systems, and can install major video conference software, ultra-clear 4K LCD large screen, delicate texture and clear picture quality. Compared with traditional video equipment, the viewing distance is greatly extended. The screen content is clearly visible no matter whether it is viewed from a distance or a close distance.

    3. Look at the configuration

    As a smart electronic product, host configuration such as the processing core is also a key point that affects the quality of a device. The BOC conference tablet is powerful and runs smoothly. It is also equipped with dual systems of Android and Windows. It runs multiple software perfectly, including multiple terminals. File transfer screen. HUSHIDA smart conference tablet adopts wireless same-screen technology. Through the same screen device and software, it allows mobile phones, tablets, computers and other multi-terminal devices to transfer screens in one screen, and supports two-way interactive control of computers and smart conference tablets, regardless of on the stage. You can easily take control of the audience, either offstage or offstage. When the wireless screen is on the same page, the page transmission is stable, no delay, no stuttering, and any interface can be switched at any time, which effectively solves the problem of conference storage and transfer, multi-device connection, time-consuming de
bugging of device functions, and tedious operations in traditional meetings. By the way.

    4. Look at the brand

    Big brands are the most reliable and trusted. It is understood that HUSHIDA is the leader of China Business Display, with strong technical strength and good reputation in the industry. HUSHIDA smart conference tablet has superior performance and attractive appearance. It is favored by government agencies, financial institutions, and large enterprises. It can be considered as a priority.