How To Prep Your Digital Signage For The Holidays

- Nov 29, 2019-

How to prep your digital signage for the holidays

Reported by HUSHIDA


The holiday season is coming, and retailers need to show their way to get a precious piece of cake for customers.

To prepare for the holidays, retailers should also look at their digital signage strategy. Digital signage can help turn space into a winter wonderland, creating a truly engaging experience for users while increasing profits.

There are several ways you can prepare digital signage for the holidays to ensure it works best.

If you don't, HUSHIDA has a variety of models and sizes to choose from.


First, if you haven't deployed digital signage in your store, now is the time. Your competitors may already be using some form of digital signage, and only online stores are already catching the eye with innovative advertising tools.

If you want to stay ahead of the competition, you should contact digital signage supplier HUSHIDA to discuss your needs, how many displays you might need and how to quickly deploy them.

HUSHIDA can also provide you with free cloud platform information publishing software, allowing you to publish your holiday promotion information to all device ports with one click, attracting more audiences.

Start preparing the content

With digital signage content, the more time you have to plan and design, the better. By starting your vacation content design early, you can gain a firmer understanding of:

What is your overall theme.

What looks good and what is not good.

Based on external and internal research, what will appeal to your audience.

How much content to create.

By starting this process early, you can resolve some issues before starting.

Ready for omnichannel

Finally, you need to consider how to integrate your digital signage strategy into your overall resort brand and advertising strategy across all channels, such as:

Your web page.

Your mailing material.

your application.

Traditional signage.


You should determine which message to send during the holiday, and how digital signage will deliver the message and how to customize it.

An omni-channel experience does not mean that every marketing link must be exactly the same, it just needs to provide a consistent experience.

Once you understand all these aspects, your digital signage is ready to bring some festive cheers to you and your customers.