HUSHIDA And Korean Academy Of Education Reached Strategic Cooperation Intention

- May 08, 2019-

    Recently, Korea “Future Integral Education Institute” (hereinafter referred to as “Educational Institute”) held a opening ceremony on the 21st. Including Li Changji (President of the Education Institute), Li Guilai (President of HUSHIDA), Jin Zhongtian (President of the Parliament), Li Changchun (Members of Parliament), Zhang Zhongtai (Director), Zheng Shangnan (University General) and many other people participated in the ceremony.


    Before ceremony, the educational institute signed a strategic cooperation intention with Interview and Yinsheng Ailian Group (MOU). The three parties will further integrate their respective resource advantages and build a comprehensive, long-term and stable strategic partnership.After implementing ICT, IoT, augmented reality, virtual reality and other integrated education courses, enterprises and students can match each other.

"The unemployment rate of young people in Datian is very serious," Li Changji, Dean of the Ministry of Education, said at the meeting. We will cultivate integrative education talents to help Datian students find jobs.

Mr. Li Guilai, President of HUSHIDA, said at the meeting that he hoped that China and South Korea could cooperate with each other and make use of their advantages to further develop their education in the local education industry. Give full play to the advantages of hardware and  data information technology. Provide efficient teaching services.