HUSHIDA Smart Commercial Display Equipment Helps The First Guangzhou Live Broadcasting Festival!

- Jun 15, 2020-

8 inch face recognition instrument

It is reported that this live broadcast festival is hosted by the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, undertook by the commercial authorities of various districts, and the preparatory group of the Guangzhou Live Broadcast E-commerce Association, adhering to the idea of'supporting business and benefiting the people, global anti-epidemic', to promote and support the Guangzhou commerce and real economy High-quality development combines the resumption of production and business, the resumption of business and the expansion of domestic demand, fosters and strengthens new growth points and growth poles, promotes the rapid development of new industries and new formats, and promotes consumption replenishment and potential release.


This is the door to live broadcasting, and our vertical advertising player products display 2 huge posters at the door.
Our temperature measurement products are also at the door to check the temperature of people entering and exiting.


As a local company in Guangzhou, HUSHIDA provides support and construction of "Conghua differentiated venues" intelligent display equipment throughout. Help the Guangzhou Live Broadcasting Festival be held successfully!


HUSHIDA will continue to deepen the field of smart business display, accelerate product upgrade iterations, enhance service capabilities, strengthen brand building, build the business display industry Internet ecosystem, and move towards the mission of "becoming a world-class company with global competitiveness".