Hushida Won The Top 50 Growth Potential Of China's Enterprise Service Industry In 2020, AIoT Smart Commercial Display Was Affirmed!

- Mar 05, 2021-

On December 18, the "Thirteenth Annual Entrepreneur Conference" hosted by Entrepreneur Dark Horse was successfully held in Beijing. More than 1,000 people, including investors, entrepreneurs, industry experts, entrepreneurs, and unicorn company founders, were invited to attend the conference.


The dark horse of entrepreneurship at this conference unveiled the two heavyweight industry lists of "2020 China's Science and Innovation Industry TOP50" and "2020 China Enterprise Service Most Growing TOP50". With its outstanding results in 2020, Hushida won the "Top 50 Growth Potential in China's Enterprise Service Industry in 2020".


It is reported that the selection indicators include five dimensions: technological strength, investment value, growth value, leading value, and popular vote. The selection has gone through seven major links: planning, nomination/registration, public voting, online review meeting, semi-finals, finals, and list announcement. Through various screenings, Hushida stood out and ranked among the top 50 all the way.

As 2020 is drawing to a close, Mutual Vision has embarked on a new journey with substantial revenue growth. Through the Internet of Things, cloud platforms, and AI artificial intelligence to empower commercial display research and development, it provides individuals and enterprises with one-stop AIOT smart commercial display services. Leading the innovation and development of the commercial display industry, with outstanding achievements, won the affirmation in the industry.


In the future, Hushida will always adhere to the service concept of professional and deep cultivation of the commercial display market, continuously tap the development potential in the commercial display industry, strengthen resource integration, channel integration, and capital integration, further improve product quality and service capabilities, and at the same time increase the commercial display industry. Investment in related product research and development, with the mission of creating greater value for customers. Make unremitting efforts to build the Internet life body of the commercial display industry, not forgetting the original intention, and creating new achievements.