New Product —Temperature Screening Kiosk With Hand Dispenser Sanitizer

- Jul 08, 2020-

Temperature screening kiosk  with Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

This device features an internal auto-dispenser that can provide gel, foam or liquid sanitizer as well as a metal closing with an integrated commercial grade 8-inch Temperature screening kiosk HUSHIDA's cloud-based digital signage software.The product is suitable for various public places.



Hand sanitizer with temperature screening kiosk contains alcohol or alcohol-free agents that kill bacteria and germs. It's commonly used to remove germs from hands when washing with soap and water is not an option. Hand sanitizer dispensers and accessories can be used to set up hand sanitizer stations that encourage workers to clean their hands to minimize sick days and lost productivity.

Product Features
Optional face recognition to allow entry for vetted individuals
1.Durable hardware with an 10.1-inch IPS full-view LCD display
2.Suitable for dispensing shower gel, shampoo, washing lotion etc
3.Compact design with anti-theft lock.
4.The appearance design, beautiful generous, both in Europe and elegant style, but also noble spirit of China.
5.Used for both star hotel, office buildings, hotels, hospitals and other public areas, also very suitable for home use, make your life more warm and comfortable.


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