Smart City Becomes The Next Gold Mine Of LED Advertising Machine

- Nov 30, 2020-

Smart city becomes the next gold mine of LED advertising machine

With the continuous improvement and update of smart LED advertising machine technology and products, solutions, etc., the application of various smart city display terminals is becoming more and more common. The LED smart city display terminal formed by the combination of the LED advertising machine industry and the smart city ecology is also It is gradually widely used in the promotion and application of light pole screens, smart monitoring, and commanding traffic displays in the traffic field. LED advertising machine products equipped with touch technology, voice recognition, face recognition, and dynamic capture technology in the new retail field, etc. In the rainstorm, the display terminal is linked to the city smart system for forecasting, etc., so that the LED advertising machine will bring more possibilities for smart city terminal display. Therefore, in order to better expand the development of LED display under the wave of smart cities, for many LED screen companies, in addition to ensuring the quality and performance of smart display products to better meet market needs, they also need screen companies Combining with the specific smart city terminal display subdivisions to carry out enterprise value positioning, product innovation, and marketing, this is an important option for LED display companies to transform and innovate into a "smart city".

At present, with the growing demand for content in the development of smart cities, screen companies should keep abreast of the situation, gain insights, keenly observe the advent of new industry formats, adjust their development strategies along with the trend, and take advantage of the significant advantages of LED advertising machines to seize In the smart city market, in terms of corporate brands, products, markets, etc., re-layout around how to make display products and solutions more adapted to the trend of smart city development, and launch new products and new technologies that integrate with smart cities to provide the industry with The new kinetic energy makes the industry rejuvenate the industry following the development of smart cities. It is believed that when the time comes for the outbreak of smart cities in the future, the market territory of LED advertising players will be expanded and the outdoor display market will also be further expanded.