The Advantages Of Mature LED Advertising Machine Technology Are Highlighted As New Favorite

- Nov 30, 2020-

The advantages of mature LED advertising machine technology are highlighted as "new favorite"

As the traditional protagonist of the advertising machine market, LCD advertising machine occupies the mainstream market position, but from the data, it can be seen that the main market of LCD advertising machine is mainly concentrated indoors, accounting for less than 0.5% outdoors. The main reason is The brightness of the traditional LCD advertising player can only be within 3000CD, which is not up to the basic 4000 brightness, and the price is high, which inhibits the market demand for outdoor advertising players. In fact, LCD advertising players are mainly used indoors. The advantages are high definition, cheap, and low power consumption. The disadvantage is that the brightness is less than 1000CD and the area is not large.

The LED advertising player is just the opposite. The outdoor advertising player does not require high definition but high brightness. The LED advertising player can achieve 7000CD, the average power consumption is only 300W/square, and the area can be large. , The service life and stability are far beyond the LCD advertising player. Prior to this, outdoor advertising players were just needed, but they suffered from no suitable products at that time. At that time, the accuracy of LED advertising players could not be reached, and the wireless intelligent control system was not mature. Until recent years, the accuracy of LED display screens can achieve P2.38, P2.94, P3.84, which is enough for small-area smart advertising machines. In addition, LEDs are inherently bright, energy-saving and have a certain Cost advantage, so after entering 2018, the market demand for outdoor LED advertising players will also grow rapidly. LED advertising machine surpasses traditional LCD advertising machine to become the "new favorite" of the entire advertising machine market.