The Function Of Digital Signage

- Dec 13, 2017 -

1. Authority management. Different users differ in the use and dominance of terminal display devices.

2. Elements (Media content) management. With this feature, users can add, modify, and delete elements.

3. Download or streaming media management. With this feature, users can add, modify, delete media files or stream media downloads or live playback.

4. Play list management. With this feature, the user customizes the playback time sequence of the media, as well as the scheduled playback and so on.

5. Play Terminal management. Through this function, users can manage the playback, stop, pause, volume adjustment, IP address, timing switch time, video layout or other media playback layout, etc., and should be dynamic and changeable.

6. Playback terminal status display. You can know the playback status, disk information, play order, download situation and so on.