The Use Of Electronic Whiteboard

- Dec 13, 2017-

1. The basic annotation and the painting function, realizes the screen annotation in any computer interface, pen can choose the ordinary pen, the brush and the brush and so on, the annotation pen color may set arbitrarily, the annotation content may use the electronic eraser erasure at any time, the content of the annotation can save and print at any time;

2. Mouse function, electronic pen nib is equivalent to the left mouse button, the pen body buttons equivalent to the right mouse key. The use of electronic pen to achieve mouse clicks, double-click, select, drag, right button and other functions;

3. Interactive electronic whiteboard content recovery and update function.

4. Auxiliary tools: Directly using the Panel shortcut Bar to achieve screen content amplification, spotlights, screens, viewing snapshots, viewing the blackboard, screen calibration, and the use of custom features, at any time to call the computer application or access to the set of pages.

5. Screen capture, layer technology, graphic editing functions, static graphics into dynamic, more vivid and intuitive. Can also replay the contents of the operation, improve the level of teaching and quality.

6. Unlimited page writing function;

7. Handwriting recognition function, can be in the operating system of the existing language packs, select the identification language, and then write.