Where Can We Use The Touch All-in-one?

- Sep 25, 2019-

Where can we use the touch all-in-one?

Reported by HUSHIDA

As an electronic display product, the touch-one machine can not only realize the display function, but also realize human-computer interaction and realize intelligent display. Some friends who call to consult know very little about the touch one. Today, Xiaobian share what the touch-one machine scene application has?

Touch Screen Monitor Use Scene -School


   The touch-one machine can also be applied in the school scene. Students can download massive teaching resources online through the teaching tablet, and do interactive simulation experiments to conduct interactive teaching. The teacher can communicate with other high-quality teaching resources through the conference tablet, and easily achieve self-improvement. The more emphasis and wireless projection function will share the inspiration of the participants in the meeting process.

Touch Screen Monitor Use Scene -Theater


   The theater uses a touch-all-in-one to quickly promote the film, allowing viewers to learn about the movie in the first place. Users are free to view the price of the movie and make an online purchase. Relieve the pressure of queuing to buy tickets, while reducing the work pressure of theater staff.

Touch Screen Monitor Use Scene -Hospital


   The hospital uses a touch-one machine to display the flow chart of drugs, surgery charges, patient hospitalization, review, etc., the azimuth map of each department of the hospital, the introduction of the doctors of the hospitals and departments, and the doctors' consultation list of each department on the same day. The introduction of the relevant situation of the experts to the hospital, and the introduction of new service items in the hospital.

Touch Screen Monitor Use Scene -Hotel


   Hotel customers can use the touch inquiry machine to view the floor plan of the hotel, query the dynamic road map, and also know the environment of the guest room, the configuration of the hotel, the service of the catering, the surrounding facilities, etc. without using the hotel. The customer understands that the hotel provides great convenience and avoids the emotional contradiction that may arise from manual consultation.

   HUSHIDA is a well-known brand in China. Its touch-one products can adapt to a variety of application scenarios. For those who want to understand the HUSHDIA touch-one machine, please consult the customer service staff.