With The HUSHIDA Conference Tablet, Instantly Solve The Embarrassing Moment Of Demonstrating PPT!

- May 08, 2019-


As a high-frequency work scene, PPT demonstration plays an important role in our own development and business development. A wonderful work report, a thoughtful customer proposal, not only can show personal ability, but also bring benefits and value to the company. And a bad PPT , it is possible to lose many valuable opportunities.

In fact, we often encounter some equipment problems at work, which leads us to encounter various embarrassing moments in PPT presentations. Have you encountered the following moments of demonstrating PPT?

1. Prepare PPT, but you can't find the connection

Confidence is full of screens, but I found that the conference room does not have a connection line for my computer. In order not to affect the progress, the file can only be transferred to a colleague computer for demonstration. I thought I stopped here, but I found that due to software compatibility problems, PPT fonts were missing and typographically confused...

2.multi-person switching lectures, wasting a lot of time

In the case of multiple people taking turns showing, it is necessary to wait for the last colleague to demonstrate, unplug the cable, and then connect the cable to their own computer. This is not only troublesome, but if it is slower, it will leave an impression that waste time.

3, in order to PPT page, constantly flip back and forth

It was hard to start the "performance", but because of the need to PPT page, I had to walk around the screen and the computer, disrupting my thoughts and affecting the experience of the participants.

4, the key content can not be endorsed, can only be hand-coded

For some of the arguments that I have carefully prepared, I want to make comments on the scene by means of comments, circle selection, etc., but because of the equipment support problem, I can't directly make comments, and I can't achieve the performance.

5, want to extend the point of view, but no place to record

In the process of display, I encountered a problem and wanted to expand and explain, but found that there is no tool to record, and I can't share more ideas.

So, how to solve these problems?

HUSHIDA smart conference tablet, with the wireless screen, the user can easily complete the computer screen without installing any software in advance, and the operation is convenient, and the error display of the content is also avoided. In addition, the inter-view conference tablet also supports WiFi hotspots for screencasting, and wireless transmission is possible without hardware.


    In the process of using the HUSHIDA conference tablet display, the user can quickly switch the display content with a single push of the wireless screen, greatly reducing the waiting time. Not only that, the inter-view conference tablet also supports multiple computers to simultaneously screen, and the display of four devices can be realized by long-pressing the wireless screen to meet the requirements of multiple content comparison.

      The HUSHIDA conference tablet has a touch-back function. The user can control the computer before the conference tablet, and realize the PPT page-turning operation, etc., eliminating the time and effort of walking around the screen and the computer to improve the conference efficiency.

    During the presentation or conference, if the user needs to write, the screen can be directly pulled out of the blackboard for writing, no need to use other auxiliary equipment like traditional equipment, which makes the operation more convenient.