Real Estate

 Real estate digital marketing includes digital projection sand table, 3D cinema, dome cinema, mirror interaction, 360° virtual model room, transparent screen, 3D floor book, IPAD sales system, multi-touch, holographic stereoscopic display, virtual sales announcer,Augmented reality and other multimedia information technology.
 Integrating a variety of high-tech technology, so that the exhibition hall has a very connotation and attractiveness, bringing high-tech audience visual sense of shock, greatly enhance the brand value.

Real estate integration digital exhibition hall

 In addition to the digital experience center including architectural renderings in one machine, project videos and more, there will be an immersive experience movie hall, dynamic digital sand table, interactive ground curtain, 360 degree holographic stereo system, interactive experience website, multimedia floor book,VR virtual showings system and a series of advanced online and offline experience marketing module.


Real estate video wall


Real estate sand table