Digital Signage Software For Hand Sanitizer

21.5 inch Hand Sanitizing LCD Digital Signage
1.21.5 inch (Customizable) 2.Built-in 1000ml infrared induction sterilizer
3.Cloud smart Management Systems (CMS)
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Product Details

Now, more than ever, when all the world is fighting the Coronavirus, where we all know that one of the most important factors after social distancing is to keep your hands clean all the time, not to touch the face and use masks. HUSHIDA, is just ready to support clinics, gyms and any other healthcare facilities and public places to help your visitors watch their health, while you can broadcast promotion and information (such as health instructions) playlist to the screens, using the HUSHIDA digital signage for Android/Windows platform.

Types of hand sanitizer digital signage

Hand sanitizer digital signage systems come in two all-in-one styles; wall mountable or free-standing kiosks. The wall mounts hand sanitizer digital signs mount flush against the wall and are ideal for locations with limited floor space such as retail stores, nail salons, banks or medical clinics. Hand sanitizer kiosk systems are free standing units that are perfect for high traffic public such as malls, airports, grocery stores, schools or museums.

Product Feasures

1. Built in infrared sensor, disinfectant can be ejected quickly without contact.

2. Built in UV disinfection lamp to further kill bacteria.

3. Remote Play Content Management Sdftware

Hardware Configuration

CPUThe Android quad-core frequency is 1.3GHz.
Built-in memoryEMMC 8G
Decoding resolutionSupport up to 1080P
USB socket*2
Network Interface

RJ45 10/100M Network adaptation, support WiFi,

wireless peripheral expansion * 1

Audio outputTwo-channel stereo audio output
Image FormatJPEG、PNG

Beijing Hushida Technology Co.,LTD ,a digital signage software company, has unveiled its Floor Standing hand sanitizing digital signage kiosk.

Automatic hand sanitizer dispenser lcd advertising display digital signage kiosk





This device features an internal auto-dispenser that can provide gel, foam or liquid sanitizer as well as a metal closing with an integrated commercial grade 21.5-inch display that runs on HUSHIDA's cloud-based digital signage software.

The product is suitable for various public places.

1. Make sure that the socket used is well grounded and connected to the power source away from high-power equipment.
2. Keep the power supply stable, and do grounding protection to avoid lightning strikes.
3. Do not squeeze the touch area of the whole machine enclosure or cabinet enclosure
4. Non-professionals are forbidden to touch the internal circuit of the whole machine to avoid electric shock or damage to the circuit.

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