21.5 Inch Hand Sanitizer Kiosk Systems

21.5 inch Hand Sanitizing LCD Digital Signage
1.21.5 inch (Customizable) 2.Built-in 1000ml infrared induction sterilizer
3.Cloud smart Management Systems (CMS)
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Product Details

Hand sanitizer digital is the next logical step for taking your network of dispensers to the next level! Because digital signage allows you to display a series of advertisements, messages, videos, news feeds and other forms of communication, you can display more content in a short period. Also, you can remotely control the screen content from any computer at any time using a cloud-based digital signage software.

Digital Hand Sanitizer Kiosk
Technologies Made for Turbulent Times.
Incorporating touchless hand sanitizer kiosks with HUSHIDA Digital Signage Display.
Powered by HUSHIDA Digital Signage solutions, the next-generation hand sanitizer dispenser combines functionality, flexibility, and aesthetics. Two models are prototyped for floor standing and wall mounting installations.

Product Features

*Touch screen Display

*Touchless Dispenser with Sensors

*Easy to Install & Maintain

*Built-in NexSigns Digital Signage Solutions

Hardware Configuration

Product parameters
Product NameIntelligent display automatic sterilizer
Size21.5 inch TFTLCD
Screen size476.64(H)×268.11(V) mm
Screen ratio16:09
Brightness280 cd/m²
Response time6ms

Beijing Hushida Technology Co.,LTD ,a digital signage software company, has unveiled its Floor Standing hand sanitizing digital signage kiosk.Automatic hand sanitizer dispenser lcd advertising display digital signage kiosk




Hand sanitizer digital signage systems feature a sturdy metal enclosing and an integrated commercial grade 21.5” digital sign. Hand sanitizer digital signs come with a built-in hand sanitizer dispenser that supports gel, foam, or liquid sanitizer.


This device features an internal auto-dispenser that can provide gel, foam or liquid sanitizer as well as a metal closing with an integrated commercial grade 21.5-inch display that runs on HUSHIDA's cloud-based digital signage software.The product is suitable for various public places.


Q1. What sort of advertising or content can this display handle?
A. Anything: infotainment, educational-based content, videos, commercials and more

Q2. Does it offer instructions on proper hand washing techniques?
A. Yes, you can display hand washing techniques, health tips, and best practices.

Q3. How can businesses use this display to calm customers nerves and boost sales during these uncertain times?
A. According to the World Health Organization, washing your hands is the number one suggestion for staying safe. By offering free hand sanitizer to the public, customers will openly embrace it and walk-up to the units. While at the units they will see the content playing on the 21-inch screens.

Q4. How long is the shelf life of the product?
A. 12 months

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