Indoor Fog Machine Spray Sterilizer

Sprayer Type:Trigger
Plastic Type:PP
Name:Disinfection machine
1 Piece Size:23*15*26.3cm
1 Set:16pieces
1set size:66*48*56cm
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Product Details

Fog machine doubled down on our efforts to release the most important products available to hotels, office spaces, buildings, restaurants, and so forth today. We know that these businesses need an efficient, yet cost-effective solution for keeping their spaces totally virus-free. That’s why we’re proud to announce the immediate availability of our disinfectant fogger machines, as well as our disinfectant sprayers.

Usable area

Spray for 2 minutes, company warehouse office 40 ㎡, full of fog

Please read the following carefully before purchasing:

our voltage is 220V, frequency is 50HZ, power is 1200W,

Product Feature

1. This product has a heating device, which produces hot fog and cannot use flammable disinfectant.

2. The capacity of the bottle is 300 ml,

3. If you need European standard plug, we can add conversion plug.

4. Due to power, this cannot be made into the form of battery, and can only be plugged in PSU,

5. It 's weight 1.1kg.

6. MOQ:5PCS, size: 39*49*28cm, weight: 7kg

7.16pcs/CTN, size: 66*50*57cm, weight: 18.5kg

8. Flammable disinfectant cannot be used, and aqueous disinfectant can also be used, but the fog is not as big as oily.

9.The best  suitable is for oil disinfectant,  phytoncide disinfectant.

Product parameters

Photocatalyst nano atomization disinfection gun
1 set Weight

fog machine

fog machine

fog machine

With these disinfectant sprayers, business owners will be able to sanitize and control the cleanliness and safety of their spaces so they can go back to operating their businesses as normal. This need for disinfecting is placing a financial burden on so many businesses around the country, which is why we wanted to do something about it.

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