Self  Service Ordering System----YunBiao


The times are developing and technology is innovating.
New technology applications bring new consumption habits.
Under the Internet +,
The catering industry  to create smart restaurants.
YunBiao self-service ordering system came into being.
Self-service selection, self-service ordering, self-service payment.
Customers only need to wait for peace of mind, the restaurant only
needs to concentrate on cooking.
The realization of the intelligentization of catering has greatly
improved the service efficiency.


In order to continuously improve the quality of service and improve the customer's dining experience,
YunBiao has put the "Internet +" thinking into the catering industry, forming a YunBiao self-service ordering system to help create smart restaurants.

System Progress

The whole operation time is controlled within 20 seconds


Application Value

Improving  Brand Reputation

Show the exquisite cuisine and service concept,
Improving the reputationof the brand and increase the visibility of the company ,
Enhance customer dependence on products and brands.

Self-service ordering - streamlined service process

Humanized service process, selection of meals, ordering, payment, all in one.
no queuing,no crowding.
The ordering data is is consistent with the kitchen data completely.

Customers can order food at the table.-peace of
mind, convenient

YunBiao self-service ordering system takes into account both self-service ordering terminals and mobile phone terminals.
Scan the code to pay attention to the order, and you can make a reservation or you can make an appointment in advance.
Real-time data viewing, historical data analysis, and restaurant operations are more convenient.