Tourism Services 

 Scenic data big screen, a picture exhibition area status, command scheduling easy and convenient.
 Source statistics, access statistics, congestion status, route guidance, parking statistics, business status statistics, service statistics, weather status, time calendar.


Scenic self-ticketing system

 Self-service ticketing system, layout simple and quick, can effectively alleviate the tourist season ticket queuing problem.


Scenic information dissemination system

 Advertising facilities such as wall-mounted advertising machine, vertical advertising machine, outdoor advertising machine and splicing big screen are respectively arranged at scenic entrances, traffic interflows and important scenic spots at the scene according to the scene conditions, and corresponding information is displayed
 The vast majority of scenic areas are all natural scenic areas, outdoor advertising machines and outdoor splicing big screen is the application of more information dissemination facilities, the information dissemination system mainly by the cloud platform and terminal application software combined for remote management and control,
 You can remotely publish information through your computer or mobile phone, and you can centralize or group management of information publishing facilities. You can also remotely power on and off, shut down regularly, and view system status screenshots to understand the remote management functions of the Internet of Things.


WeChat photo printing system

 It not only bring more customer for shop but also accumulation the popularity of online,screen advertising, marketing atmosphere to enhance, fun photo printing, marketing advertising then spread, a low-cost inputs, long-term fan marketing.


Self-service sales system

 The vending system has a wide range of salable products. It can also sell a variety of snacks and cans, cans, bags and other beverages, and supports three modes of room temperature, low temperature and heating, which is very suitable for scenic use to facilitate the tourists to buy snacks and drinks regain strength;
 System can match the size of the screen, touch the query, support for playing a variety of video and pictures, as well as some shopping lottery games, enhanced human-computer interaction experience;
 The system can also expand the face recognition technology, consumer traffic statistics and advertising content push.